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Life Done Different

Nov 14, 2017

From fancy tuxedos, to beautiful assistants, vanishing coins and teleporting cards - I’ve always been mesmerized by magic. 
But beyond the illusions, one of the things that I find most mysterious about the world of magic, is how polarized it seems. On one side of the spectrum you’ve got magicians working birthday parties, who are often just a few years older than the crowd they’re performing for. Then on the other, you have internationally recognized superstars like David Blaine. But what happened to everyone in the middle? Is this the magic worlds greatest disappearing act, or am I just missing something here? 
To help me understand what’s going on behind the scenes in the magic world, I talked with Henok Negash. He’s been a magician for over a decade and while he didn’t divulge any trade secrets, he was very forthcoming in what the life of a working magician is like. We talked about the different types of magic, how much practice goes in to perfecting an illusion, different career opportunities available to magicians and why it is that magic doesn’t get you girls. 
So pull up a chair and enjoy this close up show on magic with Henok Negash.